Converting Unused Space In Your Loft Into A Room

The majority of attic owners consider this upstairs space as an area for storing old holiday decorations or clothes that children don’t fit into anymore. The fact is that attics can be more than just ‘a place where the old stuff goes’, and can be an area invoking something new into one’s life.

If you are fortunate enough to own an attic, this article will provide you with information on how to convert the unused space in the loft into a room.

1. Is The Loft Accessible?

The first step to consider when trying to convert a loft or attic is whether or not the space is accessible. When attic space has been approved for renovation, the next step is to access the level of access.

A set of pull-down stairs will not be effective, so you may need to build a more permanent staircase option. This brings into question what part of the staircase will be below and how much living space will be compromised when introducing the staircase to your home?

A significant part of transforming a bare loft or attic is by ensuring quality insulation and improving accessibility.

As the space is directly underneath the roof, you will feel the extreme temperatures in this room as compared to other areas in the house.

To avoid being bitterly cold or boiling hot, it is recommended that you ask a home improvement professional about the different types of insulation available and which is suitable for your loft.