The Costs Of Converting Your Loft

If you are thinking about converting your loft, you need to know more about the costs. There is no point in looking into this further if the costs will be outside of your budget. Fortunately, the cost of a loft conversion will vary depending on your structure and what you want. It is important to know what the costs are for each type of loft conversion.

A Room In The Roof

If you are looking at a basic loft conversion which essentially creates a room in your roof structure, you will be looking at the cheapest option. Of course, this will depend on the structure of the roof and the available space. On average, a basic room in your roof will cost around £15,000 to be completed.

This type of loft conversion will include the reinforcement of the floor and the installation of skylights for additional light and air. The addition of insulation and a staircase to the loft will also be included in the cost. The electrics and fire safety in compliance with the building regulations should be included in the cost of this type of loft conversion.

The Dormer Loft Extension

If the space in your roof is not sufficient or the sloping of the roof does not allow for enough space, you could look at a dormer loft extension.

This is a more costly option, but will not require drastic changes to the building structure. This ensures that the loft conversion will be cheaper than others, but more expensive than a simple room in the roof.

On average, a dormer loft extension will cost around £20,000 to complete. However, if you want to create a loft that has a dormer extension along with an en-suite bathroom, the costs will increase. The windows and materials used for the dormer extension can also increase the overall costs.

Raising The Roof

If you want to adhere to building regulations, you need to have a minimum headroom height for your loft conversion. This minimum is sometimes impossible with your current roof structure. To remedy this, you will need to raise the roof of your home to allow for the head height.

As you would imagine, this is not a cheap task and will require planning permission from the local planning office before you start. On average, this type of work could cost a minimum of £40,000. You will then have to add the cost of the loft conversion which will generally be the room in the roof conversion.